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HTTP Services
All possible fake/mock http rest response & All HTTP status codes information from 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 series.
Finance Calculator
Loan EMI Calculate - calculate all your personal, business, home and car loans, Compare Loans and SIP investment calculation.
Cryptographic Functions
Create/Compute a hash from any of the hash algorithm such as MD5, SHA128, SHA256 and Dynamic password generator etc.
SEO Tools
Plagiarism Checker, Google rank checker, Website Worth Calculator, Alexa Rank and so on which help to improve the website.
Website Tools
Sitemap generation and submission to different search engine, Robots.txt generator, website responsiveness testing and more features.
Unit Converter
Service to convert the length, weight, volume, area, temperature, electric current, speed, angle, bytes/bits, energy, force, fuel and more.
Code Convertor
Convert your code from one format to another format. i.e XML to JSON, JSON to XML etc.

Open Source

All our services are free and open source, you can find our source code in github