Android Mobile Application

Warranty Manager
This is an application to Manage all your product's warranty and related information. This application will be useful to save, find and track all your household, personal or business assets with their purchase date, warranty period, bills so on. Download Now
Loan & Lending Manager
This is a Free and Open Source application used to manage Loan and Lending of Money for Personal or Business Purpose. All the data are synced across the cloud, even if you change your device you can get all your data in new device. Download Now
EMI Calculator
This loan EMI calculator app simplies your EMI calculation and full break up of payment reschedule. The application not only displays the EMI amount, it will also display information such monthly interest paid, monthly principal paid and monthly percentage paid. It will also display payment schedule during the tenture in the tabular representation. Download Now
SIP Calculator
SIP Calculator - Calculate the monthly saving and return. Supports weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly calculation of mutual fund investment and also as lumpsum amount. The breakdown will be shown as chart for better understanding. This is an free, open source, accurate SIP calculator. You can calculate your monthly SIP, Quarterly SIP, Yearly SIP with expected returns. Download Now
Send WhatsApp Message without Contact. whatsis - Dictionary definition and meaning for word whatsis. (noun) something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known. This application is designed to bring ability to anyone to send a message through WhatsApp application without saving the phone number in the contact. This application will save your lot of time. Download Now
Latest TRAI Channel Pricing
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued new Regulations which are applicable to all cable & DTH operators. Under these new regulations, the Broadcasters have to declare the rates of their channels which are available on their respective website. Effective 29th Dec, you will be able to choose and pay for your TV channels as per rates declared by the broadcaster. Download Now
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